What's star sign is the kindest?

In your opinion what star sign has the kindest personality apart from your own?


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I would say Cancers are the most kindest. They would do anything for the people they cherish and would go that extra mile for a friend in need. They are the mother of the zodiac, so I guess that about sums up why they are like that.

I would also say Capricorns and Leos - even though they don't show it (partly because they hate people taking advantage of them). However, if anyone was in need of their help, they would kindly step in and help almost anyone. They are the kind of people you can lean and rely on (Cancers are more emotionally giving, so expect a load of hugs and cuddles from them).

I would also say Virgos, Libras and Pisces are kind as well. I think Sagittarius (the teacher of the zodiac) is the sign that helps you find your way - they help you find the right path to take (not necessarily kind).




In order of kindness:






Cancer but they can be too emotional which is kinda annoying caring.





I don't really know enough people from each sign to conclude but I have met a few people from the supposedly "gentle" signs who were quite the opposite.



Answer mine please?;…


i am sagittarius and i am kind! i would never be mean to someone to follow the crowd, i am always there if somene wants to talk and i will offer anything i can to my friends. plus i can be very motivational. =)

capricorn is also really kind as well i think.

i know a cancer girl who is the sweetest and most selfless girl ever, BUT i also know a few who are only kind because they have ulterior motives (social climbing, networking, sex etc)

pisces and taurus (strangely together) are loyal to a select few - family and select friends - and nothing gets through that, but otherwise not really.

virgo is kind of, but can be easily influenced and tends to follow stronger signs so will forsake others if that's what it takes.