Do Libra women cheat a lot from your own experience of knowing them?

Do Libra women cheat a lot from your own experience of knowing them?


All the Libra women I know are the opposite, Clingy and controlling!


Who cares. Who is not cheating? HAVE YOU CHECK DIVORCE STATISTICS!


Yes because they have their own ideas on what's cheating, and being faithful. They can rationalize or justify why it was okay and because their indecisive it doesn't help either. Libras in general not just the women can't keep their legs closed, so no need to single any one out.


No, but again I havent seen a libra female cheat. But i can tell you that they do not understand the definition of cheating. one of my ex's is still chasing me. He gives me private missed calls and sends me endless emails begging me to talk to him despite the face that he knows i am in a happy relationship and he too is living with his girlfriend. In this case, he is cheating and begging me to cheat also.

I once asked my libra female friend how to block "private" calls coming from this ex.She asked me what happened and I showed her the text messages where he regarded me as babe and honey while asking me to reply to him. After reading them she went something like 'wow, he likes you a lot huh?" I told her that his feelings are none of business cuz obviously I have nothing to offer him and also i am against cheating. She suddenly started telling me to not block his calls. instead talk to him. it made me very shocked. She said, "perhaps, he is not happy in his relationship". i was like wow, cant you see this guy is cheating on his girlfriend? cant you see i myself is in a relationship.....she looked at me with weird if she wasn't sure if that was really cheating.

But yeah, male libras cheat. they'll make a move on anything they find attractive.



Yes, I'm a Libra women and there's not one guy I haven't cheated on. No matter how perfect the guy or relationship is I always have to find something on the side.


Yes I have been in three serious relationships with Librains and they all cheated mostly with my friends they can't help it they are all easy just get them drunk and watch what happens


Yes they do and will not fess up when presented with undeniable proof