Why are Capricorn men fearfully jealous and possessive? I am curious..?

I am curious. What, makes at least this Cap male I know, so incredibly possessive and jealous?

The moment I show him he is not in control of me, my actions and my behaviors, it seems to bother him? Admittedly, I used to be friendly with him, in a sense were we would talk, have deep discussions and I even helped him out with a couple of personal issues I will not discuss. I am guessing he felt the need to return the favor?

Any how, I notice that, back when I was with my Aquarius boyfriend, he would become extremely upset, jealous, and just plain mean. This isn't new though. Around the winter time, he was an awful drunk, would bully me, say awful things, and just HATED the fact that he was not in control of any of our conversations. Its like one moment he feels safe and secure with me as friends, next moment he is getting irate, angry, upset, jealous and trying to control me when there is no reason to. I actually messaged him last night, asking if he was okay and how are things. He told me, "**** right off." I replied, "Alright." I woke up, and he sent me this lengthy message apologizing, asking why I disappeared on him and when we can meet and 'catch up'. I am hesitant to do this because he is just so damn possessive and we are not even dating! He would also show this extremely vulnerable side of him when he was drunk. I stuck around because I felt 'bad' for him. But his instability drained the life out of me.

I want to hear from Capricorns mostly.

Aquarius sun, venus, mars, mercury, saturn, uranus, pisces moon, Aries rising


I don't think this has much to do with having a Sun in Capricorn, but likely other placements, aspects, or transits. Pluto is presently in Capricorn; is in conjoining his Sun? Pluto can be explosive, you know. How about a square from transiting Uranus in Aries or Saturn in Libra? And these are just the aspects that might affect his Sun.

I can't really answer this question strictly based on a Sun sign.


i would never go out with someone that drains me


You seem to have tons of problems with everyone. So I'm guessing it's not a Capricorn man thing as much as an Aquarius girl thing.


capricorns are sensitive emotionally, but then if threatened emotionally, they get tough. They have to test over and over to be sure they can let their guard down with you and open up more. Im a capricorn female and i know for sure that when we test you in a particular area/topic, we are at the brink of getting closer to you but before we do let go, we have to trust you more. Baby steps