Pisces pulling the disappearing acts?

Im a libra me and my pisces have been talking for a month now and in the beginning it was great we really connected he would text me alot, but now I think he feels like he's got me rite where he wants me and thts not the case. If I don't text him for a couple of days how would he feel? What would be going through his mind? Please help (and please no mean comments )


I can relate to you with that because I'm talking to this pisces and he likes to disappear sometimes too. Understand that pisces do need some alone time for themselves, don't take offense to that. It's not you, it's just him. I usually try to understand that and just wait until he hits me up first. It's easier that way so I know I didn't do anything wrong.. And that way I know that I'm on his mind :). I'm also a Libra!


I really don't think he is acting this way because he is thinking he has you right where he wants you. Pisces have this need sometimes to back off a bit to collect their thought and to rest their minds which are usually running 100mph. constantly. This doesn't mean he is off running around with someone else , he just needs some breathing room sometimes. Be patient he will be back to his old self but let him know that you are there for him that would mean alot to him. Do you have reason not to trust 1 another? All relationships are great in the beginning and usually have a cooling off period which is really quite normal.{{I AM SENDING THIS ALSO AND I HOPE IT HELPS}}..(Pisces and Libra Compatibility)

In the early stages Pisces Libra is typically a very romantic match. You both take love seriously and enjoy a deep and meaningful connection with a partner. The main area of difficulty is that you both tend to do best with a partner who has a stronger personality, and is a little less idealistic than you are.

You both appreciate beauty and romance, and can be highly affectionate and sentimental. On the negative side you both can sometimes be a little self absorbed and indecisive.

Your Libra is diplomatic and concerned with fairness, while you're caring and flexible. Conversation may become a source of frustration, which may be initially surprising, as amongst other things you are both flexible and considerate communicators.

The problem in this area is that you judge with your heart, while your Libra is much more objective and analytical. While this sounds like a trivial difference, it often creates difficulties in compromising as your emotional and intuitive decisions may not stand up well to objective analysis. Your Libra has much more difficulty trusting their emotions to make decisions.

In this respect compromises and disagreements may be frustrating for both of you. You may feel your partner over analyses everything, while they may think you rely too much on your intuition. You can both be indecisive at times, which compounds this situation.

You're likely to find that your Libra isn't as sensitive as you, and may at times find them somewhat cold, uncaring or superficial by your standards.

Your Libra is a classy and sophisticated partner, often enjoying fashion and keeping an extensive wardrobe. Meanwhile you're likely to be far less interested in such things, possibly finding the unnecessary competition for social status to be highly superficial and overly gregarious.

Along similar lines, your Libra is likely to prefer a very busy social life, while you often need space and alone time to recharge. There may be disagreements over whether to go out or stay in, until you come to understand each other and compromise in this area.


hun. u dont like how he is, just get a new man!


If we fell we get to close we back off when that happens.


maybe he just needs a break...

i know i personally get over-indulged and excited about my new relationships, then my excitement dies down and i need some time off to figure out what i really want.

talk to him about it?

dont play games.


I'm a Pisces (woman). I fell in love with a Libra once. </3 If only it had worked to him about it. Tell him how you are feeling. Ignoring makes the Pisces feel terrible. t e r r i b l e . But a Pisces loves to talk out problems and make sure there's no tension or argument. He'll understand, but you may need to be understanding of his needs in return.