Why are venus in capricorn men so slow and cautious in love?

I actually never believed in astrology nor i do now but the truth is that some descriptions about zodiac signs are incredibly accurate.

I`m in love with a sagittarius guy and i am a capricorn girl,they say that we are not compatible at all we seem completely the opposite.There`s and incredible chemistry between us that one can feel it in the air.However he seems so AFRAID to let go not to tell me that he loves me,he shows how much he cares about me through actions and not to mention the songs he plays for me (he`s a part time musician)Please venus in capricorn guys tell me how should i behave i what should i do to make him open up?Any help would be much appreciated,What makes venus in capricon men tick?

my chart is:

Sun capricorn

moon Scorpio

Venus pisces

mercury Capricorn

mars pisces

his chart is:

Sun Sagittarius

Moon Taurus

Venus Capricorn

Mercury Scorpio

Mars Virgo


It's Venus in Cap & a Taurus Moon & A Virgo Mars?... with that much earth, they can be very deliberate & focused & slow to respond. Not that they aren't feeling it, but he probably prefers demonstrating his love. Words don't mean that much to him.

SO you obviously know he loves you... but you're all watery for a Cap... with a water Moon, Venus & Mars... so you want declarations and words. Even though you already know. Can you live with the situation? I am a Cap with a Venus Cap & a Taurus Moon... I am more verbal than most people with this combo, but by the time I make any love declarations, it should be pretty damn obvious I love that person...


Venus: The great queen of love, desire, relationships, taste, musical and artistic expression, wealth, and the principles of harmony, justice and equilibrium.

Venus, the goddess of love, represents female relationships and social interactions at every level. She rules our social attitudes and behavior, along with our aesthetic tastes and artistic inclinations. Venus, queen of taste and of the arts, represents the principles of harmony, justice and equilibrium.

Pisces is the exalted sign for Venus. In your chart Venus (the planet of Love) is in exalted position and associated with Mars (the planet of aggressiveness) that is why you are very much in need of urgency of love but in his chart Venus is in Saturn's house. He has lot of love but he is confused how to represent to the opposite because Saturn (the planet of delay).

Have some patience and give him a chance do not be in a hurry because it is a matter of love. Slowly he will come to you and you can enjoy because Saturn effects are slow but steady. All the best for both of you.




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