Which zodiac sign among the 12 sun signs is most powerful one?

i always heard scorpio is the master of all 12 signs.... and yet i believe signs like leo aquarius are equally capable of samethings that of scorpio is.....!


The Sun is Exalted by Aries. True it does rule Leo but an exaltation is the strongest & most beneficial placement for a given planet!

Example: Mars rules Aries but Mars is only exalted by Capricorn! Each planet has a sign it doesnt rule that it exalts as such.

If you refer to Vedic astrology then im pretty positive that these rules do not apply as the Sun isn't as important in Vedic astrology as it is in Tropical. Vedic astrology places much more importance on the lunar nodes Rahu & Ketu. I don't know which signs these would be strongest in.


This is a very narrow minded question...every sign has it's strength and weaknesses there's no particular sign that trumps the rest.


Leo is the king of the zodiac

Scorpio and Aquarius are also strong signs.


I think scorpio is the most powerful sign, because scorpio is all about power. Aquarius is the smartest sign, Leo is the proudest sign.


Scorpio is the most powerful of all the Zodiac signs in this planet. I am a powerful Scorpio girl. I am so beautiful and intelligent and smart. My mother is a Leo and I am smarter, more beautiful and more sexual than her. Leos are ugly and stupid. I am smarter and more powerful than all Leos. My father is a Taurus and he's my bi.tch and use my powerful Scorpio power on him, I make him give me money to buy myself some candy because I am a powerful almighty Scorpio.

Yes we Scorpios are the masters and Leos, Taurus and Aquarius are our bi.tches. Although I know I am full of powerful crap, I still go by a Sun sign only, because I am powerfully stupid.