What zodiac sign is more possessive and abusive in relationships?

I don't know what it is but a few people including my ex that were water signs tend to be very clingy, controlling to me.

My ex was a scorpio that dumped me once asked me back out again 2 years later and dumped me again...because I wasn't going to let him tell me what to do. He even asked for my facebook password to mind my business.

My ex that was a cancer: Kind of acted a little like the other one.

I don't dislike those signs...but they are both water signs and i'm an air sign. At first things were going great then these relationship turned abusive. I'm glad I'm out of those relationships.


There is something about you attracting these abusive controlling "boys." They often seek out women with low self-esteem, from each and every economic level, from poverty to billionaires.

I too was attracting, and too "got caught" by one of these abusers even though upon first meeting, I had NO IDEA what was going to be in store for me. How surprised I was at his first "jealousy" rant regarding me and some friend of his being "together." Absolutely nothing happened and I was monogamous to him for ten long years. That's right. Ten years. So I am inclined to believe that you too have possible low self-esteem which an abusive person can "find"' you as clearly as one would scope out a deer during a hunt. We are marked in some way. Possibly we act too "joyous" after their first compliment, usually about how pretty we are. But they all have a method and strong confident women usually do not fall for these "charmers." They are smarter than us. Usually.

And I have learned that there is alot of "ugly" under a man's "charming exterior." Beware of charming men. Keep your distance because all of that charm is hiding something really ugly and you don't want to see it, touch it, know it. It's bad stuff. Might as well be poison.

I too am an Air Sign, Aquarius, and my abusive mate was a Cancer. Not at first abusive, but clearly abusive once in the relationship. That last for ten years. I allowed him to "isolate" me from friends and family. This may feel "familiar" to you too. The rants became louder and lasted much longer. The dirty looks that were "part of my day." It's no way to live that's for sure.

So, even we "chose" water signs as partners. Yes, water signs are emotional. But every sign has abusers in it. Each and every one. So you need a little enlightenment as I did too in order to prevent the next guy from treating you the same way.

Watch their behavior. Don't believe a word your potential boyfriend says. This is huge. Because after some time has passed it is quite easy to "see" if they are of good character or not. Men can say anything. We know this. But some men say lovely things to us that we haven't heard in a while. Very complimentary. That is how they get into our lives. With the words they say. You do not know at this point if what they are saying is true or not. They are just words.

But after a few weeks, you will begin to see the behavior of your potential boyfriend. This is where all of that "watching" will pay off. You'll see the anger and do not give him a break on his behavior because at some point, he will be treating you in the same, if not worse, way. Behavior reveals Truth. Don't believe the words. Only believe the behavior. I am so hopeful for you. Because the way to outsmart an abusive "boy" is to refuse to be their girlfriend. Simple. We girls turn guys down every day. This is one that you are going to turn down. No go. Behavior isn't proper. Character is weak. We don't want them. We want a real man that knows how to treat a woman.And how do you know if he is "for real?"

When he only wants what is best for you and you only want what is best for him, that is True Love. Lasting love. The only kind of love acceptable in a lifetime partner. That is what I want for you. I am up in years so not really seeking, but if so, he will have to pass the same "Behavior Test" that I am suggesting you also use.

Am hopeful for you. Be choosy. Never settle. You are worthy. You deserve better. Good luck and bless you and I sure do wish you well.


Well, the most possessive signs in the zodiac are: Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer & Leo... from there narrow down who is most likely to be abusive.

I had a Leo boyfriend who was abusive.

Now I'm dating a Scorpio. I gave him my Facebook password & everything, willingly. I don't care to share every part of my life with him. He either likes me or he doesn't.. but I have nothing to hide.

But I digress. Sorry your exes were so possessive on you. You are an air sign, and more independent and light than most. Water and fire signs can be pretty intense (both) & deep (water).


venus in leo, scorpio or taurus. Watch out!




It's Scorpio, man


Scorpio for sure.


Woman: Sagittarius Sun, Leo moon, Scorpio venus


Cancer sun and Scorpio venus..this has been my experience. Cancer men can (not all do or will) become very abusive in relationships simply because they feel things so deeply and intensely.