Why do they say Gemini's are not needy and clingy, but they seem to be?

Always telling you they miss you more than 8 times in a day? I dont mean to be rude. I like being missed, I miss him too.. but I just seen him yesterday. I would like my space because he gave me a cold and I am not happy about that. But he won't stop calling me and saying he misses me all the time? It's kind of annoying. He is cute but I thought Gemini's were not clingy people at all? I thought they were 'fickle' and liked to disappear? ( I would greatly appreciate it if he disappeared for a week o r two LOL no offense)

I don't see any of this, if anything he latched onto me - I dont mind it.. but I have to make up little excuses for him to stop messaging/calling me like telling him I am taking a nap or I am in the subway so he can stop. He woke me up this morning and I told him I would call him when I am awake. But he called me 2 times an hour later and kept messaging me. I can tolerate this behavior in very small doses but shed some light here, do Astrologers miss this fact about Gems? I don't think his Leo placements are making him like this.


yeaaahh...... some do act like that and it's very very rare to find a clingy gemini~~~

i do think it have to do with his charts.... since me myself know quite a number of gemini guy (few best friend, big brother and boyfriend) and they totally are different in attitude from one another (despite born under the same sun sign!)... there's a hard headed one, clingy and sweet one, very indipendent and emotionally detached one........ there's a lot kind of gemini in the world~~

my bet, your guy have a water influence in him. maybe his moon or venus....... two of my gemini best friend have water influence in them (one have cancer moon and one have cancer venus) and gosh they're somewhat clingy~~~

ergh, he do sounded clingy a lot! try talk to him about it...... maybe he's too excited since gemini can also be childish (like a children who is about to get a big ice cream kind of excited). i sure it would be fine after few discussion about it.

good luck!




why answer will be he loves you very much belive me you are a lucky one to have a gemini who loves you this much because they can be heartless even in love so either deal with it rememberhe will stop sooner or later thats how we are or u should tell him to stop its annoying you tough i cant promise he would take it so smoothly and yeah we arnet clingy its ur luck you got an gemini outcast and check his venus that can be a major factor


wtf! zodiac has nothing to do with love




Tell me about it! They're even more clingy than me! Always telling me they miss me and how much they like me, its flatterring and kinda annoying at the same time lol


Geminis have two sides, one day they may say they miss you, the next day they've dissappeared to a party. They're geminis, they have two sides, remember? And they're really good at conversations, so of course they'd be charming.

Also, that person may have some water sign placements.


I know what you mean! i think some signs are to generalized one of them being geminis they are very clingy and expect to know everything about u! and it's like you can't tell them you don't like it or you need space because they take it as a shot against them...maybe it's his mars and moon? i have no idea :(