What's the sign of the most fake and real person you know?

What's the sign of the most fake and real person you know?


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Fake: Pisces girl and a Libra girl and this Gemini ex best friend

For men it would be.. Um.. I dont remeber any of them, maybe a Cancer.

Real: 2 cancer girls

I hope i dont sound biased when i said "cancer" because its true that the most realest people i knew/know were Cancers and also Aries women.

I think Aries men are truthful. Oh yeah i forgot about my aquarius guy friend, he is brutally honest and real lololol


Signs don't matter at all. What matters is whether or not you can read a fake person and a real person.

A fake person talk the talk but can't walk the walk. A real person doesn't need to do any talking, they show themselves to be real all the time.

What's wrong here is that you think signs are signs, rather than just crap.


Leo - Me can be so fake and really pull it off.

Virgo Real


Most fake: Libra women

Most Real: Aries male


most fake Libra Chick

Realest Gemini


Fake: Girl - Aries, Guy - I can't think of any honestly lol

Real: Girl - Cancer, Guy - Aries


@Jana, I thumbed downed your sass. This is HOROSCOPE SECTION. Duhh.

That's hard to say.. I know real people with sometimes fake tendencies.

The realist guys I know are my brothers. Sagittarius and Gemini.

Fake? hmmmm, I'm not too familiar with them personally.


The good actors. Taurus (silence, don't care about **** really),Gemini (so fake that you can't detect it, hence not fake), Saggi, (honest peeps), Aries (straight up **** you attitude, not much faking there)

The bad actors. Libras (trying to be everyone's best friend, hence the acting), Scopios (might be smiling in yo face, but secretly hating your guts)

at the end of the day, everyone's fake and real, just depending if you know them.