What is the best way to get over a Scorpio man?

After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, I broke up with my Scorpio man again. The two times I broke up with him before, he returned, won me back, then went back to playing the same mind games that I broke up with him over. He's quite controlling and will do practically anything to have control. This time, he tried to make me jealous with a woman who he claims is just a friend, but is actually his "drinking" buddy. He's done it before and did it again. I am tired of his games and the pain he constantly causes. He also has a way of denying his actions and tries to make me appear crazy or like I'm imagining things. To get rid of him this time, I belittled him, made fun of all his faults, acted like his actions didn't bother me and told him he was weak; everything else doesn't work because he always keeps coming back. After I insulted him, he backed off, and I haven't heard from him since, but it's only been a week. I don't regret the choice I made, it's just that the pain I feel is very deep. I'm upset at the games he played and I feel like he has scarred me. Any suggestions on how to get over a Scorpio man and how to keep him at bay? Are most Scorpio men like this? Thanx.


WOW, it seems like you've just described my ex-boyfriend. Here's my story & how I got over him:

The first time we met, he stopped me in a hallway and asked a million and one questions about me and I turned him down. After that, he talked and flirted with me non-stop trying to convince me to go out with him. This went on for months until he kissed me unexpectedly one day and then the game was over. He won, and I went out with him *sigh*. We went out for almost 7 years. Everyone expected us to be together forever and to be married soon. Well...didn't work out that way. I wanted something more. I loved him, but the way he selfishly acted sometimes forced me to break up with him. He won me back a few months later. Then, I broke up with him again...and he won me back..AGAIN. He used to come up with the strangest stories (like he's going out with "the most beautiful, finest girl ever") but they always turned out to be lies to make me jealous while we were separated.

I broke up with him FOR GOOD last year and I've been enjoying the single life since, and now he put himself back into the picture by texting me day and night and asking me out relentlessly. I went out with him to the movies, only to make a point: that I don't want him anymore. It seems that I hurt his ego so badly that night, he doesn't want anything to do with me (Thank you, God!), and of course it was hard for me too. He was my best friend for years. No one saw one of us without seeing the other; we were just super tight and close. But I won't tolerate any nonsense in a relationship no matter how much I think I love him.

Please note that you CAN do better than him. He is not the only Scorpio man out there. There'll be someone even better. I know it hurts--it's a big pain. But you'll get over him. Just have fun being single, that's what I did/ am doing. Even when I see him now on the street, he always gets this angry look on his face while I smile inside and walk with my head high (in my high heels, LOL). We both deserve better. Until that "perfect" man comes along, we will both be fine. Just take it one day at a time.

~I'm a young Scorpio woman.


it's best to shoot him first, then get "over" him...


i understand your pain. you need to go out, do something, get your mind of it,

you basically need to fool yourself to not think about it. so get busy, go out, do something.

before i forget. listening to alot of music helps.