Why is it that Capricorn Venus is so heartless and unemotional?

I have been called Selfish,Heartless,Stupid,Rude,Mean,Horri… Just because I don't show any emotions. I don't cry at funerals ok so what I don't really care about death. Its a cycle of life.

I was telling my mom how we come in with a bang and go out with a teardrop and a scream.

She was just I guess poled when I said that. I told her I'm not afraid to die I'm just afraid f how its gonna happen. I mean there is a millions of ways to die. So the time when my friend Regina died

she was upset. I was just sitting in my chair just look stern. I didn't even know who she is but apparently she gave me a blanket. but where I'm trying to get at is I'm not a crier in till when I'm really hurt I'll start exploding. When I'm a little hurt I'll just hide under and softly weep to myself.

By the way here is my degrees on my Capricorn Venus.

Venus Capricorn 26.55


You are not heartless or unemotional. You just do not express these emotions freely, but that doesn't mean they aren't there.

We are all individual and unique, and we all express what we express in our own way.

Saturn, the planet of "limitation" rules Capricorn, so Venus in Capricorn will cause you to hold in your emotional express, to limit it. This placement influences the style of your expression, not the quality of who you are.

The reason you do explode when you finally get to where you express it is because you have held it in. It's like a dam, that holds back all the water until it bursts open. While at the other extreme, some people are like a streamlet, with a bit of water always flowing a bit. It's just a difference in style.


My best friend is a cappricorn but she cries over her ex all the time and they havent been together for months! i could never understand that...

venus in cappricorn tend to just show emotions and feel emotions differently. sounds like you bottle them up untill you cant take it anymore. which is something i do as well and i have a venus in leo.

ive never been afraid to die, in one part of my life i actually WAS JEALOUS cuz i had wished and prayed for death every day. (severe depression)

i have never cried at a funeral either. maybe its just how we are.


We don't show emotions for ourselves, we do so for others. Crying is no more illogical than talking is. When you think something, it's for yourself. To share your thought with others, you speak. Likewise, when you feel something, it's for yourself. To share your feelings with others, you cry (or take other actions to express emotions.) It would seem natural to think that one who doesn't speak is stupid, rude, selfish, and all manner of bad things. It should seem just as natural to think that one who doesn't express emotions is just as foolish and evil. Talking and crying are both about relating to others. If you don't relate to others, it must be because you don't respect them. If you don't respect others, why should they respect you?

I'm not so different from you though. When someone dies, the only time I can really cry is at the actual funeral. When I get the news someone died, I shrug and feel that death is inevitable. Only at the funeral, when I see all the people and the casket lies infront of me, can I cry. Even then, I don't cry because I'm sad that someone died. I cry because I'll miss that person and because I imagine everyone else at the funeral will miss them also and that makes me sad. An inability to cry represents an inability to see things from other people's perspectives. At least in the minds of other people.


you have been called Selfish,Heartless,Stupid,Rude,Mean because that is who you are. You have no soul. We feel sorry for you. It has nothing to do with your birthchart. It's because you need to grow up. Just by reading your user profile, one can understand that you have issues. You say you have haters. lemme laugh out loud. delusional bragger... I'm sure you gonna answer this post with your typical mouth diarrhea. we know you too well. so predictable.

@add info_ I wasn't referring to myself you brainless idiot. You are so dumb it's funny. Keep on posting, you make us laugh.


Capricorns appear heartless and emotional but that's because our key is to have control over the situation so things go smoothly. Its our way of showing love is taking care of you, but others may find it controlling. We feel the emotions very deep, but we do not let it out except for in bursts. We focus more on what needs to be done in the situation rather than feeling it out. It gives us a more many quality.


we all grieve in our own way.


It's called apathy and it has nothing to do with horoscopes.

If you want to be treated right, you should behave right. You can be rude and expect people to be nice to you.

Understand that people get sad when they lose someone, the least you can do is be respectful or explain in a calm and positive way how you feel about death.

If you can't, then just close your mouth.