How are pisces men? Nice..bad.?

Are they liars? Good friends? Or what? 10 points best answer.


Usually were not liars. We can be lovely friends :P as long as we are treated nicely and not a fallback friend. We're a shoulder to lean on someone to talk to, who can truly understand things, see both sides help you logicalize it, and get you through a hard time. Were Intuitive & Intense. We can be quite sensitive so be careful what you say to us :P sometimes we have a hard time expressing our emotions, so if we get really sad or depressed we have a tendency to retreat to our own little world & it can be hard to pull us out. We can bet the best & loyalest friend If we see a person is truly deserving.


One of my good friends is one. Good times, for sure.


short temper and aggressive


most pisces i know tend to be easygoing , dreamy , really laid back i guess ..but theyre girls. haha


if they are completely a pisces then they are the nicest , most merciful and most lovable person in the world ! u shouldnt lose the chance of having a great pisces their always compatible with anyone !


Oh Pisces...what can I say about them.. They are pretty easy going but very sensitive. You have to be careful what you say to them. They have a tendency to disappear when things get too overwhelming. The one I'm with is pretty honest with me although he has given me mixed signals in the past which can be frustrating.. I'm a Scorpio so we have a very deep connection.. He seems to read me very well.. and is over all a sweetheart. We've had our share of issues...we are dealing with a major one right now..but through it all he's a pretty good guy.. I know other people have experience Pisces who fall deep into their fantasy world. My Pisces also has a moon in Pisces and a Rising in he is very dreamy looking..which I adore. Look at other aspects of their chart too.


Pisces men are actually very nice people. They tend to go out of their way to help anyone in need and are very splendid. They are quite charming and have a great sense of humor. In a relationship, they tend to be very lovey dovey which is a good thing for many. Downside is that they can be quite sensitive. You need to be very careful how you say certain things because if they take it another way, you're done!