Why don't people like Leos...?

Why don't people like Leos...?


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Im a leo, trust me every day is a party with a leo, we make great conversations, were outgoing, we love our friends,were caring loving, but strong willed, ambitious, and somtimes a little bit bossy, but hey doesn't every sign have their Faults?. Some people do not like leos, because they may think their stuck up, as were lions,.we like to be leaders, and famous, but not all of us, trust me hunni, leos are the most 'fun' sign, Lol, they rock, so no need to hate us! xx hope i helped x


we're too awesome for them no im jk anyways epople hate leos?


They are haters because Leos are so awesome in every way possible!


Most people do. What are you talking about?


I love leos, didn't you see my essay on the last question?


People who judge others by their zodiac signs... Are well... 'Weird'. <--- To put it nicely.


Some Leos in here kinda ruined it for me, as I haven't met many Leos. From what I know though, they're fun to be around :D


here we go with the questions. stop being a troll. you asked the same questions 21 times in a row yesterday. stop seeking attention.