Out of all the signs what one has really bad tempers?

I heard Tauruses, and Scorpios have bad tempers, can you list them?


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Taurus is very patient, so when his/her limit finally IS reached, his/her temper is awful. Taurus has to blow off steam- but once they do, they can be reasoned with. Scorpio is not someone you want to provoke. other than that... Aries have a bad temper... they are huge cranks, it's easy to tick them off and their temper can be intimidating, but if you know them well, you're used to it, and it's less scary. Aquarians "do not suffer fools;" they don't really 'lose their temper' in the usual sense- they tend to remain cool- but if you piss them off, you will know it, and you will probably end up looking like an idiot. Pisces and Cancer are more moody than tempramental, but the moods can be just as bad- or worse- than someone losing their temper. Virgo can be cranky, like Aries, but they don't yell and scream when they lose their temper- they nag and carp.


Mars is the placement to look at.


Aries and tauruses aint bad


Taurus and aries. Scorpios never lose their temper. And if they do, they remain focused at 100%. Not so with Taurus. They see Red all the way just like Aries.


scorpio, taurus, aries

underdogs of bad temper[in other words not well known for their tempers, but extremely hostile when pushed there] : cancer capricorn and sagittarius

I can be extremely volatile when I'm pushed too far and I know some sagi's and capricorns like that as well




I have to say taurus also because I am married to one! =D

Maybe it isn't the sign, although it is different for everybody.


I haven't met an Aries with a bad temper...maybe I'm lucky in that aspect.

I've met Leos and Cancers with bad tempers....