How do Aries react usually to "Jealousy" in their partners and how compared to other signs in this way?

and how jealous do they get and how easily? over which kinds of things? and again, how compared to others ?

please explain


I am an Aries and I personally LOVE it when I have a jealous partner. It makes me cheese smile and I feel special :D

Aries always think of themselves as being number one at everything and when a partner shows jealousy it does stroke the Aries ego. I would like to clarify that Aries is NOT a jealous sign. Most jealousy stems from being insecure and Aries are almost always a bit too cocky to be insecure. Because of that particular cockyness, they will become BAFFLED if their partner pays attention to something other than them. This will perhaps enrage and confuse them, because to them, how COULD there be anything meaningful to a person other than themselves? Get what I'm saying? Aries is not JEALOUS, just simply is sometimes a bit to stubborn to see that the world does not revolve around them.

Other signs jealousy is rooted in possessiveness and insecurity.


im an aries and i dont get jealous because im sure of myself and i know that my scorp baby loves me. i dont worry about him. i know him. theres nothing to be jealous. im the one , he goes to bed with every night. so i dont care. but he gets mad jealous though, gets into fights all the time, if a guy tries to disrespect. he hates people telling HIM that im beautiful as well. most guys would love it if people tell them that their girl is beautiful. but he gets so angry and paranoid. lol. i think its funny. sometimes i hate it when he crosses the line


Last weekend my husband and I were at the bar with another married couple, they were both Aries. I was talking to the female while the guys were shooting pool. The girl's back was turned to the guys so she couldn't see them.... well this slutty chick came up to the Aries man and was putting herself all over him... I immediately saw what was happening and continued to talk to the woman because I knew if she turned around it would have been the Apocalypse! My husband managed to get the **** off the guy but if the Aries woman had known.... boy I would have had to pop some popcorn to watch that!


aries is more like..possessive. they do get jealous easily. but is not jealous as scorpio, for example. scorpios are more like, i love you, you have to be only mine. aries is more like, "idc if i like her or not, she's my property" they're just really into themselves so they think everything belongs to them lol. if that makes sense. i love them though. sexiest men alive