What are the Disney Princess/Prince zodiac signs?

anyone know or think they know and guess what all the disney princesses and their prince's zodiac signs are and why you think so

-Sleeping Beauty/Philip



-Snow White/Prince


-Mulan/Captin Shang


And possibly the new ones too?

-Tiana/her prince (princess and the frog)

-Giselle/Prince Edward/Robert/Nancy (enchanted)

Thnx! Just thought it would be fun :)


Sleeping Beauty: Taurus

Beautiful, Nice singing voice and her basic role in the movie is to sleep =]

Philip: Libra

Charming, Innocent, Looking for love, handsome

Cinderella: Leo

Glamerous even when cleaning, has pride and loves dancing and ballroom

Charming: Aquarius

Determined to find the girl in the glass slipper, wants to marry unconventional girl lol

Ariel (My favorite disney princess so i'm going to describe her a bit more): Gemini w/ Cancer moon

Loves to learn, explore, travel, experience new things, very flexible yet emotional, wants to find true love, moody, determined, witty, fiery, innocent and amazing ! I cud watch that movie and never get bored with it ^^

Eric: Sagittarius

Freedom loving, seeking girl with voice, loves adventure

Snow white: Virgo

Cmon she loves cleaning, loves animals, innocent, neat freak with a good voice, loves to take care of dwarves

Prince: Scorpio

Sexy, Magnetic and passionate, i dunno he didnt have much say in the movie lol

Belle: Pisces

Book worm, See's the soul, nice to everyone and very beautiful such a pisces =]

Beast: Taurus w/Scorpio moon

Loves to be comfortable and in control, things done his way loses temper easily and afraid of rejection lol

Mulan: Aries w/ Cappy moon

Adventurous, can be manly, determined to win, hates the usual, loves action and doesn't let emotions guide her...tough girl lol

Shang: Aries w/Taurus moon

He's the alpha male type, likes to be the leader kinda like mulan but she's more reserved and ambitious and he's more stable and committed

Jasmine: Scorpio w/ Gemini moon

Jealous, intense, loves travel, loyal, deep and likes to be in a relationship with someone she loves

Aladdin: Libra

He's such a libra, can get into trouble, unselfish, charming, handsome, really good with women lol

Tiana: Sagittarius

Went after what she wanted and eventually got it, doesn't take crap from anyone, adventurous and free spirited.

Prince: Gemini

Witty, deceptive, a big flirt lol

Giselle: Aquarius

Weirdly not a cartoon, loves nature, friendly and believes she can do whatever she wants

Prince Edward: Leo

Pompous, Self concerned, always praising himself and looking for his queen

Robert: Capricorn

Business oriented, doesn't believe in fairytales, ambitious and he's just a capricorn lol

Nancy: Libra

Easily swayed by love, believes anything

Fun quiz =]