Are there any other jokes that are like spell icup?

I'm just wondering.


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Spell up backwards

Spell burp without the b

Say the first 3 letters of 'impossible'

(this is a lame one but)

What's your name?

*whatever your name is*

What's the color of the sky?


What's the opposite of down?


*whatever your name is* blew up!

Hey, look under there!

Under where?

Haha I made you say underwear!

(this may not work in some cases)

Jul 3 at 17:51

Look down in your shirt and spell attic

A - T- T - I C

Jul 3 at 21:37

i dont know if it falls in the same category but you can ask them...

hey do you know a mike hawk....he called the other day? (mike hawk sounds like my ****)

hey is Jenna in your class? (Jenna Who?) Jenna Tolls.....

Jul 4 at 1:46

SPELL Ihop and SAY Niss.

SPELL Ihop and SAY ooo- See.

Jul 4 at 6:18

you say "spell pig backwards and then say a bunch of random colours".

That'll make the person say "G-I-P red, orange, green, purple, etc".

Which sounds like "Gee, I pee *colours*" XD

Kinda dumb, but funny when it works! Especially in public or when someone just walked into the room.

Jul 4 at 11:14

Ask someone what's your name and then point to your noise and say what's this the (person must say noise) then show both you hands like this (|) and say what's in my hands (they should say nothing) the

Jul 4 at 16:32

What's your name *name* what's this *point to your nose* what's in my hands * put your hands together * they should say nothing * I made you say *name* knows nothing.

Jul 4 at 22:13

Spell ICAP : I see a pee

Jul 5 at 4:17