How can i deal with ding-dong-ditchers?

they have been coming to my house for months and i haven't done a thing yet so i doubt they will grow bored. some revenge would be nice i think they're probably 14,15 or so, I'm tempted to just chase them down with a Louisville slugger, any other suggestions?


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get a dog or maybe set up trip wires? coming up your steps like? just make sure they cant sue you if they get hurt in your property. or wait outside with a hose that will stop them.


I borrowed my neighbour's pet lion.


bb guns work great! :p


I like what Justin said :) SCARE THEM


Put a hole under the welcome mat and bury them alive.Or...(*gunshot*) I have the right thing for you.


Mature way: Turn off your doorbell, eventually they'll realize its not working and leave you alone.

Fun way: Wait for them to come (In a bush or tree) and when they come, scare the **** outta them XD


put a couple of motion detector with light and a camera you can get a good hook for about $200 or less. Is it worth that much to get rid if then?


Get a plate of Ding Dongs (or real homemade cupcakes since Ding Dongs are disgusting) and when they ditch, open the door and say "Oh. I was going to give out free cupcakes. More for me..." THEN hit them with the baseball bat.