How does the Sawing someone in half trick work?

How does the Sawing someone in half trick work?


yes try it





They saw someone in half, using a saw.


Most common trick is to have the "victim" on a long hollow box that the body can sink into, so it is safe from the saw.


There are about 3 ways of doing it. The one that is most use now involves two people in the box. They both flexible that they can bend enough to fit half of the box. As the woman goes in the box, another would stick out her/his feet, while the woman who is the subject would fold herself in half. (If you have seen that commercial on TV - the one with a magician pulling a coin in a gentleman's ear, and end up coins gushing from his ear, that it hits a box to be saw (showing two people) - is good example.

That Chris Angel Mind Freak Trick that was in this post, he used 2 people. one has no lower part (the one that crawled, of course) and another one that was supposed to be the lower half, is a short person. Check the legs compared to the upper body. And check how the lower half sat and stood up like a whole person.