Where can I watch movies online for free, with no hassle :/?

I am sick and tired of trying so many different sites and having to either pay, download things, or do 50 thousand surveys to watch a movie. Youtube is fine, but does not contain the movies I'd like to watch .. :/

So, is there ANY site out there that you guys know of that doesn't require for me to do anything but just click and watch?

Thanks so much if you have answered accordingly ! :)


Try this site! The streaming quality is amazing. Most important, you need not sign up or do a stupid survey for watching.


You can watch free online movies from this site:



Try using

They have thousands of movies and add news ones all the time. I watched Inception on there last night :)


if you have netflix, there are tons of free movies, or if you know someone who has netflix, you can ask to borrow their password and user name. The movies you watch on netflix don't cost the user anything more than the $10 a month, so it's not like you're ripping them off or anything

#5 - its free and has no surveys and it has a lot of different movies :)


=/ another question like this?



if the video you're looking for is on the web, OVGuide can find it


i love this site it gives you several links to hassle free movies :)