Good songs to sing for a singing competition.....?

I'm a girl and im doing this singing competition thing, and i have no idea what song to sing. i need something thats pretty unique(doesnt have to be completly underground) and maybe a little challenging. If you could just give me a list of good ones i would be greatly obliged.

thankyouuuuu! :)


You would want something that would take a lot of "lungs". Something the judges wont forget.really high notes that are hard to hit will impress them too.If you want something unique ,I suggest you pull something retro and unexpected.Listen to some old Barbra Streisand or Aretha Franklin. maybe Liza Minnelli.There will be a lot of modern Songs, but if you pick a retro song, it should stand out.Besides... the judges will think you really researched long and hard to find the right song.-Ask your Mom for suggestions!


Jesus Take The Wheel-Carrie Underwood

This Is Me-Demi Lovato (i know its disney and all... but its good :))

Every Time We Touch-Cascada

Unwritten-Natasha Beddingfield (Ik i spelled her name wrong)

Love Song-Sarah Barellies (i know i spelled her name wrong too)

And almost all taylor swift songs :)

(White Horse, Love story, etc)


hero - mariah carey


You would mayby want to list your age,

This song is really easy to memorize and also has a good tune

Miranda Cosgrove, Kissin you

Watch it on youtube


mariah carey has good of her songs

a paramore song........haley williams is an r&b singer


The perfect song would be "Untouchable Memories" by All-Four-One