What are some rap about depression or rap songs about suicide?

im kinda depressed please dont tell me to get help because im not gonna be stupid

i just wanna now some sad rap songs or rap songs about depression


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2pac- When Thugz Cry, Dear Mama, Life goes on, Ghetto gospel, Keep ur head up

Immortal Technique- Dance with the Devil

Biggie- Suicidal Thoughts, Everyday struggle

Bone Thugs N Harmony- Tha Crossroads

Eminem- Mockingbird, Beuitiful

These are songs I always listen to when im feeling depressed. They got me through tough situations. It may be ironic but depressing songs actaully help me become less depressed.


Ur trying to get happy or be more depressed..

dance wit the devil will make u more depressed but may take ur mind off things

Where ya heart at by mobb deep kinda depressing moody stuff


Brutha Lynch Hung - I Tried to Commit Suicide


Hold ya head-Notorious B.I.G ft. Bob Marley


eminem - if i had

eminem - rock bottom

tupac - ghetto gospel

tupac - keep ya head up


Sorry can't really think of GREAT ones.

Suicidal Thoughts - Notorious B.I.G.

Rock Bottom - Eminem (Not really that good for this though sorry)


so many tears-2Pac

suicidal thoughts-notorious b.i.g.

if i had-eminem

rock bottom-eminem


hail mary-2Pac


tried to shoot-brutha lynch hung


Jedi Mind Tricks - Suicide & Razorblade Salvation