Why is inhale screaming (pig squealing) bad for your throat?

I can do exhale pig squeals and all but why is inhale bad?


Inhale is very bad for your throat, One of my rival bands' singer used inhales all the time. Now he cant scream and had to quit.

Inhales are bad for your vocal chords, and you could get debris doing it further damaging your throat and voice.

Stick with exhales you wont regret it.


I didn't know it was.


I can see how it would be bad for you but I guess I can't really explain it...But how do you exhale and squeal? lol..


because your body knows when you are using shitty excuses to not actually sing. and it attacks it self so you will stop.


does it feel like your clearing your troat?

because it might be related to that, clearing your troat is actually bad for your vocie


1. You breath in air which squeezes your lungs (not good)

2. It sounds like ****. But alas, ex & inhaled pig squeals sound like **** regardless. (why you want to sound like a swine being molested is much beyond me.)


It's like any screaming. If you do it enough times and long enough, it wrecks your voice.

You scream, your voice is shot, it recovers. But if you do it frequently and not give your voice that proper recovery time, it just gets worse and worse.

To answer your question, it's like screaming, but more intense. It's like putting a cigarette down and inhaling fumes directly from the muffler.


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