Any sad screamo songs that are really sad?

I know all rock is depressing, apart from the ones that are meant to be happy, but pretty much all of them are depressing. But is there any really sad screamo songs you guys would be able to share with me?


Well I don't know many, but try In This Moment. They have some really good songs. Listen to "Forever" by them. It's sad.

Also listen to A Skylit Drive. They're big time screamo. Listen to "I Swear This Place Is Haunted" and "Hey Nightmare Where Did You Get Them Teeth?"

Sorry I couldn't be of much help but I'm just thinking of stuff off the top of my mind. :P


well this song is more angry at a girl than sad, though i guess that could kinda be sad? alerion-asking alexandria. also try scary kids scaring kids and the word alive? idk those might not be what you're looking for exactly but hopefully you can find something, good luck


I'm hoping you don't spend this information by posting it on facebook as your status so here's the deal:If You Can't Ride Two Horses At Once, Get Out Of The Circus.- Asking Alexandria.Bulletproof Love- Pierce The Veil.Early Mourning- Alesana(Check out the whole "The Emptiness" Album By Alesana)Let Love Bleed Red- Sleeping With Sirens.(Hardcore Screamers, but this one song reallywas different.)Hey Baby, Here's The Song You Wanted- blessthefall.Diamonds Aren't Forever- Bring Me The Horizon.Eerrrrhh.. That's all I got for now, but make sure to lookat the lyrics. These bands are pretty emotional aboutthe words. It's the best part though. Hope it helps.


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