Why do people think linkin park is metal?

ok seriously, lets get one thing clear, THEY ARE NOT METAL. i hate it when people are talking and they say linkin parkis a metal band. and their lyrics are so gay like in lying from you:IM LYING FROM YOU! no, no turning back now.

what does every one else think about them?


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Because they are stupid and don't know what metal is.


Why do you think Bullet For My Valentine is metal?


There early work was Nu Metal.


well i can understand if u said that about there old stuff, but they really arent anymore. but i mean b4 i guess they were some what metal/ nu metal


they are like a hard rock/rap band

well at least they used to be. i havent really listened to any of their music after Minutes to Midnight


Hahaha, Linkin Park metal? That's hilarious.


Linkin Park use to be a Nu Metal band, so you can sey they use to be


They're soft rock...

Lol, they're not metal, that's for sure. Metal is bands like Anthrax, Slayer, Maiden, and Metallica. There's a couple sick new metal bands, like All That Remains and Devildriver. (not the genre Nu-metal)

They're metal.


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