Any australians who play instruments here ?

okay so i need teen australians from SA. aged around like 13-16. we need a drummer, another guitarist & maybe another singer. atm we have me, the lead singer aged 14 (15 this month) & my bestfriend as bassist aged 15. oh & we are only looking for females, sorry guys.

so if you're all that, leave me your email address or say you will email me, then i'll reply to you with my hotmail address. & we'll talk bit more about you, what you can do & how skilled you are. you dont need to be very skilled at this stage because we have only really just started & my bestfriend hasnt learnt guitar yet so its all good :D btw the music we're going for is like punk rock i guess, we're big fans of short stack, tokio hotel & super junior.


holy ******* ****. THIS IS SO PEFRECT! i play drums ! I LOVE SHORT STACK! im 12 though! (13 in sep) argh.... am i too young? i really hope not :/ im in a band atm, well kindof, me and my friend but shes mean and rood, and controlling and minipulates me haha, so yeah, this is soo perfect,!

my emails

my facebooks either Emily Serena-Rose Varley, OOr Ehmii shortstack Clemmensen (the first one is my current one)) so yeah if you ould contact the first one if your going to contact me through facebook :D thankyou soo much if you contact me :D im xcited now aha :D byeee! hope to hear from you aha :D x



I'm 15, and I do singing. I'm most definitely a girl. Sorry though, I'm from QLD :(

Good luck anyway :(


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