What are some good current rock/alternative songs about missing someone?

I am currently missing someone very much,and just want some good songs to listen to:)


Answering this question will brighten up my day :)

Goodnight Nurse-All For You

Quietdrive-Time After Time

He is We-Kiss it Better, Happily Ever After

Every Avenue-Tell me i'm a Wreck

The Maine-Into Your arms, Inside of You, Everything i

Nevershoutnever-Cant stand it

Dashboard Confessionals-As Lovers go

Fight Fair-Pop Rocks

All Time Low-Remembering Sunday

The songs might depress you but i'm assure you can appreciate their brilliance!


Well there's:

If it means a lot to you - A Day To Remember

Misereable at best - Mayday Parade



Missing people and objects is not an activity that I would recommend for everyone at every time. Let's do some activities!


I Miss You- Blink 182 (of course!)

Remembering Sunday- All Time Low

Dance Forever- All Star Weekend


Her Words Destoryed My Planet -Motion City Soundtrack

I Wish You Were Here -Incubus (duh!)

Bruised -Jack's Mannequin

Already Gone -Bayside

Do You Realize? -The Flaming Lips

I'm Lost Without You -blink-182

Happy Anniversery -Motion City Soundtrack

So Long Sweet Summer -Dashboard Confessional

I also think it's important to note the the songs that are going to be the hardest and probably hurt the most, but the best ones from missing somebody are the songs that were "your" songs.

And to throw another one in there... Breathe -télépopmusik