What height is considered short for a female?

Some people think 5'5 is short.


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5'0" tall is short, very petite. I know a lot of men that like women of this height actually!


Wtf so you're saying if i was 5'5...I'd be considered a f'ing midget?!?!

Im 5'6...What would happen if a ball hit me at the top of the head and i shrunk 1 foot ?!?

I'd be a mino person ?!?!

Screw the people who think that!


Under 4'9 for me is short

I'm 5' though


nope! less than 5feet!

i am 4'11" tall! xD my tomboy girlfriend's 5'3" tall haha... =D


Id say below 5'4 which is average in the US. Im 5'7, tall would be 5'8 or above


depending on their age... i'm thirteen and 5'5..


5feet5 is average...real short would be 5feet or maybe 4feetsomething...


I always thought it depended on the age.

im 5'2 and i am called short so 5'6 is when your tall i guess =]