Good way to surprise someone with concert tics?

I have just managed (well my sis) to finally get take that tics for my mum Nanna and auntie but I want to surprise them on Xmas day with them but I don't have any good ideas on how to present/give them to them which will shock them and make them happy help on ideas?


OK so the best way to give them concert tickets they always wanted as a gift put it in a reading book they would like so that way when they open it they think its just a book but when they open it the ticket comes out and SURPRISE lol ... or you can either bake a cake tape the tickets to tooth picks n stick them on the cake cover the cake with a huge box a put a little note on it (a clue) "something special for two special people" :)


I surprised my roommate with concert tickets a couple months ago...

She got home from work, and I told her to go change into different clothes ("We're leaving in ten minutes!"). We started driving -the concert was an hour and a half away- and I didn't tell her anything. After a while, I let her know we were going to a concert but didn't tell her who. She had NOOO idea that it was her favorite singer. We finally got in line for the amphitheater entrance about an hour before the concert started, and she still had no clue.

My idea was that she'd be SO surprised when the singer came out on stage, but what happened we stood in line at the entrance before the show, we heard the singer's voice come over the hill of the theater during practice.

It was still a perfect way to surprise her! You should've seen the look on her face.

Good luck. :) I hope your family has an awesome time.