I touched my little sister while sleeping and she told my parents?

Ok so i did the most stupid thing EVER and now i'm thinking of suicideing i'm a 16 year old boy virgin and i touched my 8 year old sister while she was sleeping but i guess she noticed me and she told my mother on the morning when my mother woke me up and started screaming at me i ate a slap but its nothing she said she won't tell my father because if she does im going to the hospital and if i ever do it again she would tell and kick me out of the house so i ruined nice little normal life i don't know what came over me PLS if anyone can help out how do i deal with this i feel awful for this and i seriously tough about suicideing today but i guess i don't have the courage to do that i can move out for few weeks/months i know a friend of my that said i could stay if i want to she is the only one i told this to at least she gived me a little support which i don't deserve what should i do maybe i should just tell my dad and let him beat the **** out of me all he wants i feel really bad for this


Yes, you did do something massively stupid , but you need to earn your Mom and sister's trust back.Suicide will only make everyone even more miserable and then everyone else will know. Besides, suicide is the cowards way out. Tell your Dad if you feel you must, but ask him not to react til you're done talking.It takes a whole lot more courage to own up to your wrongdoing than to cover it up.Talk to your Mom first and see what she says.Now that she got over the first shock, maybe she can help you. Plus she needs to know you can be trusted before she goes into the hospital.You do seem very remorseful, and I think she will see that , too.Tell Mom you will do anything you can to make this up to the entire family if you mean it. Then do it. Their trust will have to earned back.Good luck.


touching a little girl or evern our sister is def NOT OK! i understand that you are going through changes, but why would you do that to your sister? my brother is 16 and hes a virgin but he doesnt touch me and im 13, i would've ******* kicked his ***, but he and i are not like that. tell your sister you are sorry and you will never do that.

You invioleted her body

a girl has the rights for her own body

if you touch it, she has the right to tell

its the right thing

i think you do need help, becuase this is not a healthy way of showing you sexaulity.


See a tharapist maybe?


then tell your mom and dad your sorry


Seek therapy


Get help. don't do it again.

What were you thinking? Did you not think of the repercussions?

Just talk to a therapist about this, or tell your mother about why you did it, ask her to get you help.