My step dad took my virginity away?

My mom was at work last night and my step dad came into my room and climbed upon me. He began to gently kiss me; I wanted to tell him to stop but I kinda liked it. He proceeded to kiss me and lifted my shirt up kissing my stomach. He got lower and lower until my pants was off and he was licking my vagina. He was already only in his boxers and I was half asleep still, so the next thing I knew, his penis was penetrating my vagina. There was no condom and he didn't pull out either. I liked the feeling and allowed him to continue to pound my vagina until he ejaculated. Today, I have been feeling really guilty about it and don't know what I would do if I ended up pregnant. He's 36 and I'm 15. Please help?!


Dont waste good peoples time here with your sick perverted fantasies or ill report you




LMAO thats pretty fcked up


OMG! D@mn you just f*cked up your life.

Good luck.


OMG RAAAPE. Tell the police.


That is rape Hun! You need to tell your mother, it's not your falt! You need to do it now because after 2 days they can't get the semen. So they can put him jail


Despite the consequences and the fact that your body kind of liked it he is still in the wrong you are underaged. Tell your mother and file a complaint. even if you don't want to call rape.


Even though you liked the feeling, it is called rape because of your age. You have to talk to your mother . You 'll end up getting pregnant with your step dad and this will break your mother's heart.

If you really like sex, just have sex with your boyfriend. You've betrayed your mom.