Binder "stolen" from school?

I have this kid in my class that always pulls tricks on me and I do the same back.

I was copying from the "nerd" like a lot of people and he took it and turned it in so I couldn't copy. But I got another paper. But when I was copying I forgot my notebook at a different desk. At the end of the period I look back and it's not there.

I confronted him about and he said no. He tried to run away and not let let me see his bookbag (which ended up not to have it). It might be in his locker.

I am going to check the room thoroughly today and if it's not there he is the only one who would have took it.

What should I do in this situation (should I fight the kid, or not do anything since I don't really know it was him)? I want to handle myself, no one else involved. Thanks,



Psh you have no idea if it was him, for Gods' sake don't fight him. You'll look soooo stupid.

Just look in his locker sometime, if it ain't there, he doesn't have it


Tell your teacher, tell her/him the description and ask if she/he can keep an eye on it. DO NOT fight him. You will just get in trouble, and will make your situation even more worse. I'm sorry I didn't help much!