Why should I get my tubes tied why not have my husband get a vasectomy?

Women already go through so much ...we get our periods every month and bad cramps, we gain weigh during pregnancy and lets not forget all the morning sickness and than we have birth... In my case I got my gallbladder out because of gallstones that I got from pregnancy....

I have a 3 month old that I love but lets face it motherhood is a lot of work we do all the work ... Dads really don't ... I am thinking that after my 2nd baby I want my husband to have this procedure done.


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I had a vasectomy, and I'm glad I did. They say it's much less of an invasive procedure for a man than for his wife, so I sucked it up, behaved like a man, and took one for the team.


Is there a risk your vagina won't work if the surgery goes bad ?


yeah, but men have to put up with whinyasses such as yourself.

just get tied and quit being a baby.


Only men that are immature about sex, or just plain have a poor sex education will refuse to get a vasectomy. I had mine when I was 21. I am 44 now, and still very thankful that I did it.

Very often men will listen to the "Word on the street", and therefore have a very distorted understanding of what a vasectomy is. He should talk to men that have had vasectomies. He will find out the real story.

Mine was a "piece of cake". It was far less traumatic than getting a tattoo.


It seems to me you would have the most to gain.


If your husband cares about your health, he will opt for the vasectomy. It is much safer, an in office/out-patient procedure and much less expensive. Plus, vasectomies CAN be reversed in most cases. After our last child my husband plans on having the procedure done. Even though our child was a c-section birth and our future children will most likely also be, he is terrified about the added surgery and health risks that a tubal ligation may cause. A real man looks after the well being of his family. Good luck! And Pebbles5, our men are one in a million! :-)


If neither of you wants surgery, there's a world of birth control out there.

Yes, the procedure for a woman is more invasive. But it's not a picnic for a man, either. I think a little sympathy is called for when anyone doesn't want elective surgery. Either procedure can have rare but really bad side effects, and neither is 100% effective.


You shouldn't do anything you don't want to do, and neither should your husband. Which method of birth control to use is a decision each couple has to make for themselves.