What are the chances of a vasectomy growing back together?

Need I say more? Hubby had his done 18 years ago but I'm late.He made the comment the other day "what are you pregnant?" I haven't told him I'm late.I'm hoping it's just menopause but either way would be a blessing but there are some health issues to consider that would need my attention asap if I was.I'm only 43.


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1:4000 vasectomy's reverse themselves (compared to 1:10,000 tubal ligations).

It is typically blamed on a botched procedure, i.e. if it's not done 'right' it can slowly repair itself.

They can and do grow back - the body repairs itself to best of it's ability.

If your body's ability to repair exceeds the damage done by the doctor, you heal.

It doesn't really matter how "small" the odds are when The Law of Large Numbers comes into play.

Even a procedure that was 99.9999% effective means ~500 unplanned children every year - /someone/ has to be those 500 couples (and vasectomy's are less effective than that.)

I'll presume he is older which means the vasectomy he got 10+ years ago did not call for a removal of a section of lumen.

Such vasectomies frequently heal. It's "just" a scar preventing the sperm from getting through and over time a small hole can be opened up and that's all it takes. A low sperm count makes pregnancy less likely so it could take a long time for one to happen.

i.e. He could have "healed" a year or two after he had the procedure done (long after the test for sperm count were done and determined 0) but then it could take years for a pregnancy to result.

Menopause at 43 is early not entirely uncommon.

My sister went through menopause at 41.

I imagine a hormone test at the doctor's office would be able to quickly tell you the difference.


rare - since you know you only slept with one person they will be able to do a dna test to prove nothing fishy went on . . .it could be your body, tho so don't start freaking out yet - go to the store and get a home preg. test.


It is possible. But, the body builds up anti-bodies to the sperm the man produces. The odds of growing back together and the odds of being able to fertilize you are next to impossible. You and the Hubby should talk to your MD.


I did my "homework" and researched vasectomies long before, and after I had mine. I have to say that the answer given by "shannon" is not only accurate, but it is probably the most complete answer I have ever seen on the subject.


You haven't said whether you've been sleeping with anyone else or not. What are the chances that it is someone else's baby?

The chances of a vasectomy growing back together are very small, especially after 18 years. My husband had a vasectomy 20 years ago; we've had no problems whatever since then.

43 is pretty early for menopause but it does happen. There are many reasons your period could be late. Buy one of those pregnancy tests from the drug store and find out for sure.


It's rare but has been known to could be peri-menopause...have your hormonal levels checked by your ob/gyn & if called for, a pregnancy test. Skipping months during peri-menopause is common.


Hi - one in one thousand vasectomies will fail, resulting in a pregnancy.

So it's not impossible.

You're a bit young for menopause, unless your maternal line shows a mother, grandmother, aunts who had an early menopause.

Probably nerves!

All the best, whatever the outcome.


It happens, but rarely. When I had mine done in Australia, (A pretty humorous story that I won't take your time with.) the doctor not only made sure he took a good length out, but also cauterized the 'ends' of the tubes. He made a point of telling me, "You're going to have hell if you ever want this reversed."