How to spank my husband?


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My husband has shared his fantasy of being spanked. I never found it in anyway appealing. A few months ago we were driving together and he got a ticket for rolling through a stop sign. He yelled at the officer and acted like a child. Something clicked in me. I told the officer he was having a bad day, but that his day was going to get a lot worse when I got him home. When we got home I told him to go wait for me in our bedroom. I scoured around and found an old bath brush. When I went to our room I scowled him and told him he had humiliated himself and me and that I was going to give him the spanking of his life. He looked at the brush and me and I think he thought twice about what was about to happen. I took his pants down ordered him over my lap and started to tan his behind. He jerked and got up but I pulled him back by his ear . I spanked until his butt was bright red to the tops of his legs. I stood him in front of the mirror to see his butt. He hated the spanking saying it hurt much more than he ever imagined. I loved it seeing him reduced to such a contrite little boy.

Jun 15 at 15:11

step 1. commit to it entirely. he might get embarressed or nervouse and think he wont want to...but he really will inside!

step 2. have a plan. dress the part if you can, be it a sexy skirt and top etc

and know what you plan to do to over the knee, tie him to the sofa with some twin/rope with a pillow under his butt, bed, etc.

step 3. Yes Ma`am thank you ma`am should be the only words allowed from his mouth after.

step 4. ENJOY!

Jun 15 at 22:2

Yes, you should spank him. I have the same fantasies as your husband, and my wife has been spanking me for years. I suggest you surprise him. Maybe while in the kitchen, pull out a sturdy wooden spatchula, sit in a chair, and ask him to lower his pants and go over your lap. Start off easy and slow. Build up, and spank him harder. He will let you know if it is too painfull. His fanny should be red and hot when you are finished. Afterwords, he might enjoy being told to stand in a corner, pants down, while you enjoy a glass of wine. Expect to be treated like a princess.

Jun 16 at 5:15

Good for you, willing to be supportive of your husband's ** needs. Actually, spanking is a very vanilla, and very common, kink. Just ask your husband how he would like it. My guess is that it will involve his bare bottom getting spanked with something like a wooden hair brush. If you play your cards right, you can work his kink to your advantage. Tell him that not having to do, (fill in the blank), laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, etc, really puts you in the mood for some playful, yet serious, husband spanking. Once you see how much your husband enjoys this type of play, you might be more than willing to go along with his desires. After all, it's no big deal.

Jun 16 at 12:52