Any success stories of couples reuniting after years apart?

Any success stories of couples reuniting after years apart?


My mum and dad! Highschool sweethearts, they were engaged and crazy in love. My dad got all scared like a man lol and ran off. They both went on to marry and have kids and the proceeded to both get divorced as well. They bumped into each other and WHAM they are in love like teenagers again. I am the living proof 20 years later and they still look at each other like a couple of kids. Its sweet really :)


In my case married for 10 years, divorced for 3, and back together for the past 2 years. I can honestly say that he came back a better man, every now and than he will react to a situation in the same way he did when we were married, which will than make me wonder why did I ever want this back. But these occasions are very rare and I have enjoyed our relationship more this time around.


My wife and I have been married for 14 years but not on any good terms for at least 5. We sleep next to each other every night, without saying good night or good morning. It's the dumbest thing I'd ever guess could happen to anyone.

I've often been interested to know if this has happened to anyone, and if they ever get through it.

BTW, my issue is that my wife doesn't ever want to talk to me or touch me. And my wife's issue is, well, I don't know, because she won't say. YEARS of stonewalling.


nope. I reunited with one of mine only for more heartbreak. Never again


Would a mutual affair count or is that not the thing you wanted to hear?

I mean seriously, who plans on cheating on their spouses with each other before either of you even meet your spouse.


YUP! A friend of mine! Married 5 yrs... hardship with getting pregnant. Divorced. Back together married... with 2 kids!


My first high school crush...first boyfriend.....first love....first husband...first childs father...He was my first everthing thing. Marriage only laster a year we divorced and both remarried. Now 21 years later we have come to realize that we both still are in love and even though all those FIRST didnt work out the FIRST time....we are gona make this time our Last and make it can fall back in love...we are both more mature and grown up now.