Why doesn't my wife let me touch her anymore?

We've been married for 13 years, have 3 great children and get along really well, but after about 2 years of marriage she decided she did not want to have her shirt or bra off during sex, (as well as not want to be on top) then it eventually went to me not being aloud to touch her breasts at all during sex or anytime for that matter.....she says she just does not like me touching them and leaves it at that...strange. Can you help? She has very nice natural breasts and its just about all I think about anymore when I am around her.


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Have you ever sat her down to talk with her? Let her know thats is bothering you and you miss that in your relationship, explain that you like them and you dont understand whats wrong, just ask.


you might think their nice but maybe she thinks their ugly. r u sure she isnt hiding hickies.


Two Words:

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she simply doesnt like her body or her breasts. get her boob implants and tell her to get a gym membership


How can you expect strangers to know what's going on with your wife? If you don't know, ask her...all we can do is guess and since we have no information, chances are we're not going to hit the mark...



If she enjoyed what you were doing to her and how you were doing it she'd want to do it all the time. Clearly she does not enjoy it.


She still has sex with you only that she deos no want you to touch her breasts.You can really enjoy sex without touching her breasts.You can give her some foreplay may be she will loosen up and take off her shirt for you.


Sounds like she has some issues..... Why not just come right out and ask her what the problem is? Suggest marriage counselling...Maybe she has issues with her "sagging" breasts and a quick lift will help

2 years of marriage and this is already a problem?

Get this dealt with soon.....or there is only misery/resentment/ affairs and divorce in your horizon......