My sister found me jacking off?

my mom and dad and my sister were sleeping then my sister found jacking off to porn i don't have a door becase my room is in the loft help i feel like im going to exspolde my sister tryed telling my mom and dad tey didn't lision beacse they were to tired i fell scared that she going to tell them in the moring help me ):


Dude, your parents probably know you masturbate. It's pretty much normal for teenagers. Your dad probably won't care because he was once a teenage boy, too, but your mother may be pissed that you were looking at porn. Most porn gives an unrealistic and sometimes offensive view of women and what sex is like, and your mother probably doesn't want you seeing women that way.


I agree with Libby. You're a teenager and if you were in your "room" then you were in private (where you're supposed to be if you're going to do that) and shame on your sister for snooping!


Don't worry so much.

Your dad won't care, I'm sure he's done his share. Your mom will probably be more embarrassed than anything. If you sister says anything, just tell them you'll promise not to watch porn anymore (then be REAL careful in the future!).

Try not to worry so much. It's normal.



Threaten her. Thats all i can say


just tell her that i am extremely sorry !

i won't do it again , make a promise with her !

ask her to give you a last chance !


Wear boxing gloves in bed , then ya cant! But get the type with sewn in thumbs.


tell her listen im sorry i dont know what i was thinking im just a guy ill never do it again im scared please dont tell mom and dad. idk i had this happen before but i got caught by everyone so just talk to ur sister cuz they are evil


Silence her with a good pole in her ***.