Why do women get half a guys money during divorce?

Why do all these gold diggers get a guy's money during divorce? They did nothing but lay down and get paid during divorce? I have more respect for strippers.


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I am saddened by the venom in the female responses to such an articulate and pressing question.

The answer is simply women have nothing to offer this world except for sexuality, and ultimately men do pay the price during divorce. However our consolation prize is an upgrade in poo poo which should immedately follow. Its like buying a new leather belt. It smells good and its nice and shiny and crisp and looks good on you. Allwhile discarding the old one which tends to smells and is so worn and callous it likes like every other old leather belt on the market.

Kudos to you.


i'm just answering this to get more points so i can rate you


When I get my money no one will get a red cent & that is final. I am taking my money- those involved and that includes my relatives will be put to death for their crimes and that is all there is to it-- anyone tries to take my money it will be the last thing they ever do.


WOW...if your only goal in life was to reduce the average IQ for the population then this question is ample proof that you have succeeded. Moron.

If my husband and I divorced I'd be the one on the losing end of it buddy, in a very big way. He came int the relationship with nothing, I owned my own home, owned my own vehicle and had a very good pension and some RRSP's. I have consistently earned more than double his income for the 11 years we have been married....SO WHAT EXACTLY WOULD BE HIS MONEY? Start thinking before you make assumptions next time.


Dear Wigger Ninja....most appropriate name for you. Anywho......some guys actually get the wife's money, depends on who has the most, ya know. Also, I only got a specified amount from my EX during our divorce, because....HE OWED IT TO ME. NOT BECAUSE I LET HIM LAY ON HIS BACK AND LET ME HAVE MY WAY WITH HIM.

ALSO, I have more respect for men who can see a woman's role in life as more than just a sex partner, Grow Up!


Women do NOT get half the money! In fact, studies show that after a divorce, many women end up living at poverty level whereas most men continue to live the same lifestyle as before.

Perhaps there are gold diggers in Hollywood that get more money than they deserve, but that is NOT real life.

And even IF a woman is granted half of a man's money, it's because she EARNED it. Not by being a stripper or anything like that, but by supporting the man (sometimes literally while he goes to school) for many years. She takes care of the house and family so he can concentrate on his career. He wouldn't HAVE as much money, wouldn't be nearly as successful, if she wasn't there to help him. So half the money BELONGS to her.


It is not always the women that receives money in a divorce for alimony. Also, alimony is only until the woman gets a job or remarries.

Regarding child support ? That is for the children.

And, as far as the assets ? It is divided evenly between the man and woman.



Mainly because the court system is biased.