Is my ex still angry with me after six years?

We broke up on bad terms because I fell out of love with him, he was very heartbroken. He has moved on and married and so I have I. I was hoping we could stay in touch because I've known him for ten years, I don't like him in a romantic way at all but I just want things to be 'cool' with us. We have talked in the past and everything seemed ok with us. Now, he won't email me back. I sent a congratulations letter to him and his wife because they recently had a child. He will not respond at all and has ignored me. Could he still be angry with me even this all happened years ago and he has move on?


He is probably over it by now. I mean, he found his soulmate.


What does your husband think about you emailing your ex? No, he's not angry with you but he's married. He's busy with his wife and child. He's probably extremely happy, if it had not been for you he wouldn't have the wonderful family that he has now. Have you tried to be friends with his wife, how do you think this would make her feel? They don't need you in their lives. How would your husband feel if your ex was writing you or how would you feel if your husbands ex was writing him... THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING...LEAVE THOSE PEOPLE ALONE.


Why would someone that you devastated want to be friends with you? Leave this guy alone. Exes do not have to be friends. All you are trying to do is make yourself feel better for having hurt him. Let it go. Do the decent thing and leave him alone. He has moved on and so should you.


He could be...

I would just leave it alone and continue on... I'm sure if you see him around town you both will be respectful of one another.


Yes,and why should he keep talking to you,he is happy now and has someone who DOES care about him and not someone who doesn't.Get over it he has.