My husband just called me fat.....How should I respond?

I just had my 2nd child 4 months ago and have lost all of my baby weight already, but I admit my stomach doesn't look as good as it did after my first child was born (or before I had kids). I wish men could be pregnant just one time so they would know how it feels to experience the joys of pregnancy, morning sickness, stretch marks, being a whale for the last months of pregnancy, and let's not forget sobriety. LOL.

so how should I respond or should I just ignore him all night?


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Name calling = abuse. There is no excuse for it! You gave him the best gift in life and made a sacrifice to your body to bring beautiful children into this world. I'm sure he wouldn't take it very well if someone else was calling one of his children names...


Cut him off. You are married to an insensitive jerk!


Why don't yall go work out together and stop complaining?


tell him you need money for fat clothes as you like yourself better this way........then watch and wait :-)


saw well Mark doesn't think so.

THEN you ignore him all night.


How should you respond?!

Hit the gym!


tell him that since you're apparently so fat you don't need to be having sex with him then.


I would be giving him a big fat piece of my mind.