Why does my husband act like he hates me when he is around his family?

My husband is 54 years old and we have been married 7 years. When we are alone, he acts like he loves me. He tells me he loves me. However, as soon as he is around his family he does things to sabotage us. He talks bad about me but denies it. One time I accidentally overheard him talking bad about me to his mother. But the things he was saying wasn't true. When I confronted him he said I just misunderstood. His daughter told me he says many bad things about me, but he still denies it. Its like everyone in his family stays away from me because they think I am a horrible person. I never know if he wants a divorce or if he wants to make plans for the future because it seems like he wants both.

Why does he want his family to think I am a horrible person? How can this possibly benefit him?


I have a feeling that his family has a huge influence on him. I feel that his family already thinks that you are a horrible person and I think that your husband doesn't know how to stand up to them. Maybe he thinks that it's better to agree with them so he can keep the peace with them. But for his daughter to tell you that he says many bad things about you is wrong. Could it possible be that his daughter and his family are trying to get to you to the point where you are just going to say enough is enough and leave your husband? I think you should have a nice family meeting with your husband, his daughter and your husband's family. Let them all know that you know what is really going on and that you want to know why it's so important to all of them to think that you are a horrible person. There is a reason why that is going on and you need to get to the bottom of it. You need to know who is telling the truth and who is lying. You cannot continue not knowing if your husband wants to stay married to you or if he wants a divorce. You should not be afraid or shy to have a meeting with his family and his daughter. I have a feeling that they are enjoying themselves trying to confuse you or they are just waiting until you snap. And you need to put a stop to what they are doing. I think that it's very unfair to you that your husband would say bad things about you that were not true behind your back. Your husband is being disrespectful toward you if he does that. I think it's time for you to put your foot down and let them all know that you don't need to be abused this way.


don't stay with a dude that disrespects you that way. leave him. he's too old for you too.


Confront him if he doesn't give you an answer that you are happy with then dump him.


dump that old asshole! You derserve better than to clean his dishes, underwear and cook his meals! He embarrasses you in front of his family is COLD! This is the time to tell him to GO TO HELL!


I was in a similar situation. My wife left me, never spoke to me about it. Never gave me a reason.

I was so hurt I didn't know how to handle it. So I went on a binge I was so wasted It was ugly.....I was so hurt that it manifested itself as anger.I must have called her everything in the book,trashed her to my friends and parents..but after some time I did tell my parents I was wrong.That she did nothing..they felt better

But I didn't..


A number of men do that and unfortunately its very unfair on the wife because people begin to treat you according to those lies. Sometimes it happens because a man wants to please his mother for some wierd reason and sometimes it might be that he is ashamed of his marriage somehow. Deep down he probably loves you but he's scared that other people have a problem with you so he wants to take their side and even be their source of lies. He needs to change this unacceptable behaviour or risk losing you!