When a man leaves his wife for another woman?

The reasons - he was not happy and his needs were not being met. But he told the other woman that he still loved his now ex wife and that his ex wife was his best friend. They were married for 10 years. My question - when a man has these types of feelings for his ex wife - how will his new relationship be impacted? When he sees his ex wife (which is not very often - she was very hurt by his actions and limits contact only when it is about the kids) I swear he is still attracted to her. Is that possible?


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the other women will be going through alot this man is feeling guilty.....its going to haunt him..he really hasnt had time to heal....


There are two things to think about here.

How self-confident is the "new" woman?

What is it about the ex-wife that he finds attractive?

If a woman is very self-confident, and firm in her convictions, for all the right reasons, she has nothing to worry about, except complacency. SOME of us guys find women like that, sexy as hell.

If his attraction is merely that she's the mother of his kids, there's nothing to worry about, she always will be.

If the attraction is about regretting that he was selfish, and gave her up.

THAT could be a problem. She was once an angel in his eyes, and she possibly still is.

After all, HE was the idiot who strayed off, instead of dealing with whatever went wrong.

There are better ways of dealing with his "issues", than going out cheating on his WIFE.

That is why we often say,"once a cheater, always a cheater".

(Male, or Female, it makes no difference. It's the character of the person, or lack thereof)


Ten years of history with one person takes ten years to maybe get rid of. I think you might be putting yourself up for hurt.

What needs are these? sexual? i would never be with a man because of sexual needs, she fulfilled him spiritually and she was his best friend, that means besides sex they could talk, share special moments, go through rough times and still be together...

There will def be days that he misses her, even if he doesnt see her! my bf and i of 3 years broke up for 8 months and he dated someone else, but he said when he was with her-----everything she did and didnt do reminded him of what a mistake he made....because we best friends and lovers....

I am not sure if i am making sense...but his with you because his needs were not met, and i dont think u will be his best friend anytime soon!

Sorry if you hurting, but think about the situation and end it before u get hurt further

Good luck!


i really believe when a relationship is born out of the misery of another that it doesn't have much of a chance. the man always thinks he isn't happy, and when the new woman is meeting his sexual needs he may mistake that for love when in reality sex is nothing about love, and when the honeymoon stage ends sometimes its a rude awakening that perhaps he made a mistake. learned something about my first husband who cheated on me and found out years later when i divorced him and found someone else that he told his new wife that I had broken his heart, i never imagined that because he never shared it with me. through the years i still saw him occasionally, he would always come visit me, we would always sleep together and i really never imagined he really cared about me. the woman he married was always jealous of me i never could understand why because she ended up with my husband but evidently he still loved me and may still. when you loose something it sort of makes it special in some way. makes you want it more. and being the other woman this woman knows she is partly responsible for the demise of the other woman's marriage and the man also knows it was wrong. so he may choose not to stay with the new woman especially if the wife still has any feelings for him.

#4're the mistress? LOL...what goes around comes around..he probably realized that the grass WASN'T greener on the other side. I hope she doesn't take him back so that he can just cheat on YOU this time around...


It should not happen like that. Exes should be forgotten and carry with the new one with sincerity and affection.


He ran to you because you were fulfilling things he wasn't getting at home. Unfortunately, you still aren't fulfilling all of his needs. It will be great when he dumps you and tries to go back to his wife and she tells him to f off.


most definately he is. they have a history together and children. as far as it impacting his new relationship, well the new woman will always have to know that when he is being quiet or seems to be day dreaming he is most likely thinking about the ex. she should also know that the chances of him leaving her as he did his wife are high.