My husband believes that all women need a spanking from their partners on a regular basis to keep them in check. I mean a real spanking, knickers down, the lot.

I submit because I know I am difficult to live with and deserve it, but believe having to bare my `bottom every time he spanks is unnecessary. I think it should only happen when I am really bad


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theres something sexy about a wife being readily available for a good spanking like a naughty girl she is. i kind of like the idea and made sure i stepped out of line quite often but thats just me! not too hard though!


u troll. this is the first q u asked?


Are you his child or wife?


Yes. :)


Love it when my husband spanks me ! but I do make him kiss it better.....


the trolls are rampant tonight


Depends if you enjoy it.


We spank each other often with fly swatters while our butts are slathered in honey and whip cream.