Husband and wife sleeping together?

My wife aways wants to sleep holding each other. I know I can not sleep hold someome or have them holding me. We hold each other for awhile before sleeping.

I have asked people I they say they hold each each before, but not while sleeping. My wife gets mad and says I am gay for not holding her while sleeping and that everyone does it.

I want people to tell me if they hold they husband or wife when slepeping and if you can. If you know of a paper writen on this please let me know.


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just hold her


Gee, everyone moves around in their sleep/finds different positions comfortable to sleep in. Some nights I fall asleep with my husband holding me, other nights I don't. Either way, we NEVER wake up in the morning in the same position we fell asleep in. He moves a lot in his sleep, and has always been the biggest blanket/pillow/top sheet thief ever. Some nights I go sleep on the couch if he's keeping me up (not in an angry way, just in a I need sleep way, I know he doesn't do it purposely).

Is your wife aware couples don't need to be glued to each other 24/7? So what if your not grasping onto her, your in the same bed right? What I read into this isn't an issue so much with the way you sleep, but an issue with her needing more affection and touch (women are just plain more affectionate than men, get used to it). Do you kind of cuddle with her at night before going to sleep? Do you give her lots of hugs and kisses when your together? It sounds to me like she's craving your touch because she is feeling neglected during the day and wannts to make up for it cuddling at night. Try cuddling up close while your watching tv in bed, holding her hand/putting your arm around her in public, or giving her random hugs/kisses at other times. My husband does all these things, and I love it. He feels good to be close to, and by making himself close when he's awake, I don't end up wanting him to be as close (and rolling over me and throwing my pillows, and stealing my covers) when we sleep. and let me tell you, were both much happier, nicer people when we've gotten a good nights rest. So give her the love she wants during the times you are awake, so you can both sleep peacefully at night without needing to be on top of each other.


You're not gay, you're just uncomfortable. Buy your wife a large hug pillow and call it a night.


Why r u worried

You may hire my services

U hold her for a while & once she is asleep I shall take over

& u may relax in adjoining room


Both really. We usually fall asleep holding but not always. And during the night we sometimes hold, but not the whole time.


Hail, marriage is not about holding each other constantly, you have to sleep.


My husband and I usually sleep back-to-back with our backs or backsides touching. We might cuddle for a while first, but typically sleep facing away from each other. It tend to feel to hot and claustrophobic trying to sleep wrapped up in each others arms.


I am almost in the same boat as your wife, my husband says I put off way too much heat for him to sleep comfortably at night. Hold her until she falls asleep, then you can roll over. I use an extra pillow to cuddle with at night and my husband will reach over and rub my arm, leg or back whenever he moves at night just to let me feel a touch. She does need to compromise on this one. You both need to be able to sleep comfortably.