My husband left me for another woman now wants to come back. What to do?

My ex husband left me about 3 1/2 years ago to live with another woman. We have a daughter who is about to be 5. I still love my ex husband with all my heart. He called to tell me that he is not happy he regrets his decision and still loves me. He said he left because he promised if he ever loved someone else he would leave and not cheat on me.

Until the time he left we had a relatively happy marriage fought a little over normal things etc. Our ending was very abrupt my feelings were never resolved even though I was angry deep down I loved him. He said that he wants to come back and be a family again. What would you do in this circumstance?


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Make your own mind up. But think long and hard for yourself and your little daughter. I wish you all the best for the future no matter what you decide to do. Just be careful you will be acting for two ?

Cheers again and God Bless you and your little girl, and indeed your husband.


After 3.5 years I would not let him come back. That is awful that he would do something like that to you. And if he spent enough time with this woman to fall in love with her then I would consider that cheating even without the sex. Because if he really deep down wanted to stay true to you then he wouldn't have even put his self in the situation and be involved with the woman in the first place. If you let him come back you risk opening yourself up and getting hurt all over again because if he did it once who's to say he wouldn't again?


Thing is you know him best, put aside your feelings write it out to get things all the way from A to Z,

Is he coming back because she tossed him out (maybe for cheating, investigate even if you tell him I want her to tell me why.) Sounds like he's doing to her what he did to you...Are you willing to let that bad-aid be ripped off when he finds someone else abruptly? At least tell him "Fine we'll start over we'll date and see if theirs a future for us now.

You both will have changed after all change IS the only constant.


It doesn't matter one iota what WE would do; only what YOU will do. My initial reaction is to advise you to tell him to go straight to Hell. However, you state you love him with all your heart. You and he have a little girl together who needs her daddy. If you feel you can trust him, go for it. I would require that he write out and sign a statement that if he EVER does this again, there will be no discussion, only a divorce. Put it a bank safe deposit box and hope that it rots there. But if he blows this chance to have his wife and daughter..........toss him out on his rear.


Everyone deserves a second chance


I'd say no. If he's done it once, and you forgive him, what's to stop him doing it again, especially if he knows you'll be there when it falls apart again.


My daughter took her ex back who did this to her. They seem happy, but he is very, very depressed. If he doesn't get help for the depression soon, I am afraid it won't last. They also have a 7 year old daughter who loves her daddy very much.


Why on earth are you even contemplating this? He left you for another woman and then tried to come back. That ought to be enough for you to say no. He'll just end up doing it again. You're just give him the ok to come and go as he pleases.