Either my step dad or brother in law fingered me in my sleep?

last thing i remember is hearing them laugh on the way out.

my sister married a real loser in my eyes and my step dad was drunk so I blam my brother in law more. should I tell my sister on them


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I would say nothing, but tonight before bed, set up a video camera to catch the finger'er in action.



You had a dream didn't really happen


I think if this really happened you'd be telling the police, not Y!A.


So you didn't feel a finger inside you, and woke up afterwards to laughter doesn't make sense


W/O proof if it happened or who did it, you cannot go around accusing any one.


Yes. And I'd also tell them that if ever either of them touched me again they could expect to answer to my charges of assault .


That is one of the worst fake stories ever. If that really happened to you - a call to the police would be in order.



Instead of accusing folks . . get a chastity belt with a "Rat" trap installed on it . . . I promise you'll have the proof next time !

Sleep well , just don't scratch in your sleep. you could break a nail !