Do women like to look at...?

Men's bulges? I wear dress pants at work (and of course tuck in my shirt), making my bulge that more noticeable.

The past few weeks I've taken notice women looking at my bulge more often, was this normal before and I just never noticed it? do you think there is some type of rumor going on? or do women look just like the men do?


I think it depends on the woman! And yes, women do look at men like men look at us! As for me, i think its hot to see what a man is working with ;)


LMAO... Yes, just like guy like to check out a** and titts women (some) like to Pecker peek!


no; this is not common do women like to look at...

this is just your idea. but not common to women.



Sasquatch not wear pants. When human see Sasquatch, usually say "Look at the size of that thing!"

Me think humans very small.


Honestly, there probably looking and thinking that you need bigger pants to cover the bulge. It's not attractive, even on woman.


Tryen to catch the eye of that new Co-Worker ey? Better keep that shirt untucked, you might not make it to the restroom in time to handle that over bulge shes creating when she catches your eye.. ;)


this interesting becuase genetically the way womens eyes are placed (for defense of children) they can see practically the whole length of your body without looking up or down like men do. body language experts who have studied this assure that this is one of the key targets of a womens checking out a guy. This is the same phenomena that gets men into trouble in they actually have to direct their gaze at certain female body parts. A woman dosnt get caught doing this becuase she can see all. The bigger problem is that women dont even realize they do this. If they realized they were equally as "checking out" as men then the arguement wouldnt come up. So yes build up the bulge she is looking and can do it without you knowing.