What should I get my husband for his 31st birthday?

My hubby's 31st birthday is Tuesday. I have no idea what to get him. He likes to fix things, he is always outside working on something, or inside working on something when the weather keeps him from going outside....He has a bunch of tools, but I'm sure he would love some more if that's all I can think of.. What should I get him? I wanted to get something that he can use but also enjoy...any suggestions?


Go to the DIY network (Do it Yourself) on TV. They have the coolest tools.


A cross


A Blu-Ray movie player and some HD quality blu ray movies !


My husband birthday is close and I already bought his gifts.

I will give him 2 T shirts, 2 boxes of luxury soaps bars, 2 cards and a dinner.


Meijer, Walmart, Staples, Office Max, Sears & Target all sell this cool inexpensive massage recliner with otttoman. Its a great gift for guys who love to relax in front of the tube for sports.