Married couples, do you share money 50/50 with your spouse?

My partner and I are getting married in November, but have been de facto for nearly 8 years. About 6 months after we moved in together our money all became joint money, it's all pooled to pay mortgage, groceries, bills, car payments, etc. One of my friends was surprised when I said that we didn't have our own money, but any money we each earned was 'ours'.

So how do you handle your finances (if you both work)? Do you each have your own money and pay half of everything or is all your money put together?


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Over the years we have always pooled the money. We are in this together and the money is family money. It has not mattered who was working or not. In the beginning I supported us as he finished his Masters Degrees, then he supported us while I raised our children, and now we both work. We have never had separate money for 24 years now.

Happy - 2: I believe we are very similar in stories. We will have our 23rd anniversary this summer. We pooled our money and moved in after we got engaged because I was working and he was still in school and it helped us financially (it caused quite a stir in my family back then).


No ! not 50/50. My husband earns, n we spend, i dont earn, i dont work at all, i m a housewife, i work 4 the household 2 keep it moving n working, raise my kid...cook, clean, dress 2 impress,solve my husbands problems that i can n almost all of my kids problems, try 2 get a good time wth my husband n family, make the home n enviornment comfy, caring, relaxing, healthy n loving.N ofcourse aftr spending money 2 get every thing working in house, i get 2 spend some me money every month that has nothing 2 do wth anything thats really needed but some lil luxuries like ................


Well first of all I am not married, But we have been together for 10 years and we bought a house together 3 years ago, at that time we opened a joint account that we both agreed to put a certain amount in monthly. while still keeping our own accounts and we agreed that all house related expenses would come out of the joint account. that seems to work for us? why? because we both had prior experiences with spouses who mis handled the joint account (which was the only account). why does this work for us? well sometimes we disagree like all people do. on what is worth money to us? I wanted a very expensive camera 1000$ he thought I was crazy. he wanted a Super charger for his car, I thought he was crazy. But with each of us having our own money he was able to buy his and I was able to buy mine. It also prevents the conversation about YOU SPENT MONEY on that? and then you feel that you should get to spend money on something also. it also protects your money if your partner is irresponsible and visa versa.


Our money goes into a pool and the bills are paid. Whatever is leftover is ours together.


Both of our incomes go into one pot. We do each have our own checkbooks. We each get an allowance if you want to call it that.


We don't have "my" and "his" money. The money is ours. We share 100/100 - it's 100% mine AND 100% his.


I think that when you rget married its "our" money from then on out! If you feel uncomfortable with that, then maybe its not time to get married! My husband & I are both comfortable with that & neither of us spend a large amount of money without checking with the other first!


Yes we did and money was never an issue, to me this is how it should be between a married couple, you are meant to be "in it together", keeping your finances separate surely suggests holding back from committing yourself fully to the relationship